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Well done to everyone that has participated in our Dressage days this year.   It's fantastic to see you all out there and we love to see our horses and riders progress as the year goes by.

We would also like to say a special thank you to everyone that volunteers.  We know that our volunteers always work so hard to make these days a success and we could not do it without you.  THANK YOU! 

Please find the events results posted below.

ACTDA Competition Results

September 2020 ACTDA Results

Results from the September ACTDA Event

August 2020 ACTDA Event Results

Results from ACTDA August Event


Pointscore Results

ACTDA Pointscore 2021 Winners

Dear ACTDA Members, we are officially announcing the 2021 Pointscore winners. Thanking everyone who participated last year, we hope to see you all again participating throughout 2022.