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Our Sponsors

We would like to publicly thank all of our sponsors for their generosity and support.   Without the support of these businesses, ACTDA could not run the events currently on offer, nor present such beautiful trophy rugs and sashes.  Please support these businesses with your custom or recommendations - many offer services or products that are invaluable to the training and care of  our horses or for their dressage enthusiast owners. 

Each business has a link in the carousel below .  More detailed contact information is listed in the contact directory underneath.  

Click the Sponsor's name on the left to see detailed information.  Use the scroll bar at the side to scroll the entire list.

Thank you sponsors!

Our Sponsors

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Act Dressage Association 2022 Sponsorship Packages - 25 November 2021

From 25 November 2021

Dressage is one of the most popular equestrian pursuits and ACT competitions attract riders from both Canberra and surrounds as well as riders from Sydney, and across regional areas of southern NSW.  On average around 100 riders attend our regular competitions and over 150 riders attend the Canberra Classic championships.  Participation as a sponsor provides you with valuable corporate exposure to riders, their friends and family, and equestrian businesses.  It also allows you to show support for a local club.


We provide recognition for our sponsors through as many media as possible.  This includes our website, Facebook, emails, promotional materials, signage at competitions, and recognition at presentations.


Our 2022 competition dates are:


  • Official club competition 30 January
  • Official club competition 29 May
  • Official Competition 7 August
  • Official Competition Championship 18-20 November (ACTDA ‘Canberra Classic’).


We offer a variety of packages to suit the level of support you wish to provide.  The packages are outlined in our document.